5 things Bray Wyatt could have done while attacking WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Bray Wyatt does not currently have a feud on WWE TV, but despite this, he has been added to the card of Crown Jewel.

The former WWE Champion has not fought a match for the company since returning to Extreme Rules. However, he has already set the scene for his current story.

This means that WWE has several options for using them in the Middle East this weekend.

#5. Firefly Fun House characters return

Bray Wyatt’s return to Extreme Rules allowed him to unveil his Firefly Fun House puppets and pretend they were now real people. None of these characters have been seen since the latest story centered on Uncle Howdy.

Can these creatures make their comeback and finally make an appearance at the Crown Jewel? It’s unclear what Wyatt wants at the moment, but his puppets may have been used to send direct messages on Saturday night.

#4. Wyatt is part of a backstage promo where he introduces another character

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Bray Wyatt has only cut to the promo since his return, where he has taken on a different persona who is haunted by Uncle Howdy. There were rumors that other characters might be added to the story in the coming weeks, and Crown Jewel could be the perfect setting for their introduction.

Wyatt could set the scene again before bringing in one of his strange housemates and eventually introducing that person or wrestler behind the mask. There are too many candidates to choose from as it appears the former champion needs a lot of backup when he goes up against his uncle.

#3. Uncle Howdy reveals another Bray Wyatt secret in promo

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Bray Wyatt has been added to Crown Jewel because he is the hottest thing in WWE right now. The company has been able to tease his return and continues to leave breadcrumbs in promos ever since.

Another QR code could be left, which would allow Uncle Howdy to reveal one of Bray Wyatt’s secrets. It’s a good way to make sure the WWE Universe is watching closely and helping build issues between Wyatt and his uncle. Hopefully some backstory will be added this time.

#2. Bray Wyatt fought a squash match for WWE

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Bray Wyatt has yet to contest a match upon his return, so it is unclear what shape the former champion is in. It’s been over a year since we wrestled in WWE and Saudi Arabia. He may be forced to take off his shoes once again on November 5.

If Howdy decides to send out an opponent for Wyatt in the middle of the promo bite, it could force the latter to show that he is still capable of defending himself.

#1. Wyatt pays Logan Paul, feud with Roman Reigns

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Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns are no strangers, but right now both stars have something in common that can help them let each other down. There was some speculation that Wyatt might be Roman Reigns’ next challenger, and the story could begin with Crown Jewel.

Bray Wyatt has become famous for attacking matches and may intervene in the Reigns fight against Logan Paul, removing The Tribal Chief in the process.

If the lights go out, Wyatt can come and kill Sister Abigail and then take Rance away. This possible angle could mean that Reigns would win the match via disqualification and Logan Paul would not get a rematch.

What do you think Bray Wyatt will do at Crown Jewel? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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