3 ways The New Day could stop The Usos from surpassing their WWE SmackDown Tag Team Rance record

Speaking on his My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett said that Logan Paul is championship material. However, he believes that the company has yet to remove Roman Reigns from the throne.

“Paul Kidd becoming champion I think would work by all means. Do I think they’re going to do that? No, I don’t think they’ll change the title in Saudi [Arabia]. But look, there are viewers online. talking about.” (h/t WrestleTalk)

Logan Paul will try to do what many stars have failed to do over the past two years, which is the defeat of the Reigns for their world title. The tribal chiefs have been champions for almost 800 days and would like to maintain their dominance in the promotion.

Roman Reigns sent a warning to Logan Paul

Lately, many have been exposed to Paul’s knockout skills to The Head of the Table. So, last night on Raw, Reigns wanted to remind the WWE Universe of his many strengths.

After his in-ring promo on RAW yesterday, Reigns laughed in front of the camera and said that there was no one alive who could take him out.

“There ain’t no living person who can touch my button, if I had one they wouldn’t be able to find it. Can’t a man get me out.”

While most expect Roman Reigns to stand tall this Saturday, the intrigue behind Logan Paul’s ability to hit a lucky shot has gripped the WWE Universe.

Who will leave Crown Jewel as the champion? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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