Wrestling legend raises issue over booking Triple H on Raw (Exclusive)

Former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo recently talked about Triple H’s many things on his plate.

Since Vince McMahon retired from the company, Triple H has taken over the reins of the creative team. WWE announced that he was the Chief Content Officer of the promotion and in charge of the creative aspects of both Raw and SmackDown.

In the latest episode of Legion of Raw, Vince Russo mentioned that it would not be humanly possible for Hunter to manage so many tasks alone.

“I’ve said this before on this show, Triple H can’t be the head of the creative and wear a hundred other hats.” He continued, “I don’t care bro. Triple H isn’t driving Superman crazy. Either be the creative chief and do nothing or make someone else the creative chief. The creative chief isn’t a part-time job.”

He elaborated that the show suffered because The Game was distracted by the various roles he played behind the scenes.

“The show was written like a part-time job. Right off the bat, Asuka and Alexa are healthy. Oh well bro, we’ll do the segment where they run and save and it’s our tag team match. Five minutes to book it Done. That’s what I’m talking about brother. It’s not a part-time job. I don’t care who you are.” [6:58 – 8:37]


You can watch the full show here:

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Triple H appeared on Raw to prevent a brawl from erupting

The feud between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley reached its peak this week as both legends were all out.

The cerebral killer emerged from behind and ordered the rest of the roster and security personnel to separate the two men. He also threatened to cut off the match from Crown Jewel if the opponents did not stop. Finally, things were under control and the show resumed.

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley will now face each other at the Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Fans will have to wait and see which star will reign supreme on 5th November 2022.

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