Recently released WWE star Bodhi Hayward posted an emotional statement

Bodhi Hayward, who was recently released from WWE NXT, took to social media to send an emotional statement to his fans.

Star was part of the Chase You faction along with Andre Chase and Thea Hale on the development brand. After his sudden release, he addressed his followers on Tiktok.

He initially addressed his followers as Bodhi Hayward and then introduced himself as Brady Booker (his real name).

“What’s up on the Brodies? It’s your guy, Bodhi Hayward. Brady Booker Let me tell you here that I’ve recently been released from WWE. I’m hurt, I’m embarrassed and the Brodies, I’m just bad. K Andre Chase University and wrestling have been my whole life for the past 18 months. But I am no stranger to adversity. Adversity is something that has come my way all my life and has always found my way to the top. I’ll do it again. I’m Brady Booker and I’m here to stay,” said the former NXT star.

The TikTok video, which he shared on Twitter, received an overwhelming response from fans. Most had positive feedback and messages requesting them not to lose hope.

WWE recently released Bodhi Hayward and four other Superstars

Bodhi Hayward was one of the five Superstars that WWE has recently let go. In addition to them, the four stars released are Sloane Jacobs, Erica Yan, Damaris Griffin and Ru Feng.

All five Superstars wrestled only under the Developmental brand and were not part of the main roster.

As mentioned earlier, Hayward was the head of Chase Yu and his flag bearer. On this week’s episode, Thea Hale expresses her concern over Hayward’s absence to Andre Chase before the match against Keena James.

Duke Hudson, who had recently joined Chase You, surprised both Hale and Chase when he broke a wall reminiscent of the Shockmaster, but his saving grace was that he didn’t stumble or fall. Were.

Although Hale failed to defeat James, it looked like Hudson would replace Hayward.

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