5 The First Time WWE Could Book In Triple H’s Reign

WWE is full of talent, especially now that the head of creative, Triple H, has recalled previously released wrestlers. Bray Wyatt was one of the wrestlers who created a huge buzz in Titanland, which is currently stable on SmackDown. Since his return, he has yet to face anyone from the Blue Brand or any Superstars from Raw.

Before the company was free from shock, he had this otherworldly gimmick known as The Find, where he played businesses like Jerry Lawler, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, and even the Big Red Machine – Kane. had played the role of. Defamed by attacking veterans. He also crossed paths with other superstars like Finn Balor, Goldberg, Braun Strowman and even John Cena.

WWE matches not seen during Triple H’s reign
Now that Wyatt, Strowman and other equally talented stars have already returned to WWE thanks to Triple H, the company has a wide array of ideas and stories for their talents.

It is also worth noting that there are still many wrestlers in the company who have not yet faced him inside the ring. WWE should look into these as there is a high chance that these never-before-seen matches could go down in history as one of the greatest rivalries inside the squared circle.

#1. Sami Zayn and Jay Uso

Bloodline is one of the most acclaimed stories of all time in WWE as its members capture championship gold, not to mention the longest hold ever. The collective’s honorary Uce, Sami Zayn, has yet to get one, but despite being beltless, his presence has breathed new life into a team in turmoil.

It is well documented that Zayn and Jay Uso are not on good terms as the latter is very vocal that he dislikes everything about the former. Case in point was his recent in-ring skit where Jai is warned that if he doesn’t stay “the same” and goes with Jain, the tribal chief could make his honorary member a full-blown UC.

Despite the clearly broken character, Jay certainly isn’t disappointed with the idea of ​​Roman Reigns. That being said, Triple H can bank on this angle and pit them against each other in a match to settle the score at the end.

#2. Tommaso Ciampa and Kevin Owens

Another match that is yet to be seen is the one between Tommaso Ciampa and Kevin Owens. Under Triple H’s leadership, the stage could be set for a new rivalry for these talented superstars as they have already met a couple of times in the ring, but not in an actual singles match.

Outside of WWE, Ciampa and Owens were already face-to-face as they did on Ring of Honor’s Summer Heat Tour in 2014. The two covered the distance and KO came out victorious in that match. Their fight lasted over 20 minutes and a brawl like this will be a spectacle to see if it happens in front of the WWE crowd.

#3. Brock Lesnar and Shinsuke Nakamura The King of Strong Style in Action (Image via WWE)
King of Strong Style in action (Image via WWE)
Like Ciampa and Owens, both Brock Lesnar and Shinsuke Nakamura have already clashed outside WWE. This happened when Lesnar signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2005 and finally met in the ring during NJPW’s Toukon Shido Chapter 1 event in 2006.

Years passed but the two didn’t bump into each other in a proper singles match inside the WWE ring. It will be a matter of time before Triple H will book these two in a match and see how the King of Strong Style and The Beast avatar turns out.

#4. Ray and Dominic Masario

A few weeks ago, WWE announced that Rey Mysterio had moved from Raw to SmackDown, effectively ending his unwanted feud with his son Dominic. As for Dominic, he remained on the red brand with his new family – Judgment Day.

Fans were disappointed to learn of Ray’s move as they were hoping to teach their prodigy son a lesson after betraying him and Edge. The Master of 619 was deeply saddened by how he and his son went to Triple H and wanted to leave it.

However, Triple H had something on his mind and invited Ray to his office to talk. What they discuss is not disclosed, but it would be great if the brain killer convinced Ray to fight Dominic.

Brock Lesnar is in this entry once again because why not? This man is currently one of the most decorated sports entertainers in WWE, not to mention a huge crowd drawer and a huge money maker. The same is true with Bray Wyatt as was evident during his aforementioned return during this year’s Extreme Rules.

Fans will remember during WWE’s Roadblock event in 2016, where technically, the two faced each other in the ring in a handicap match with the then Luke Harper (RIP). The thing is, by the time the bell rang, Wyatt could be seen outside the ring most of the time and Harper did all the work for him.

without a doubtM is still building the character of Wyatt as he has yet to wrestle since his return.

If this match happens, it is expected that it will make headlines in the world of pro-wrestling.

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