WWE NXT Results: November 1, 2022 – Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights

Brown Breaker made his NXT debut and congratulated the winners of Halloween Havoc, primarily Wes Lee and Julius Creed. The Pretty Deadly made fun of Braun before saying that he wanted more spotlight on NXT.

Braun told them that if they wanted more attention, they should not comb their hair for three hours every night. Wes Lee also came out and after a brief argument, Lee and Braun booked a tag team match against Deadly.

Waller was initially taunting Satya and shouting that this is his house, kicked him and dropped it on him. Waller actually had a headlock before breaking up and gestured ‘You can’t see me’ to make fun of John Cena.

Satya got some big moves, but was taken down with the Tope Con Giro, where his legs caught the top rope and he fell down. The truth was being investigated for a while as Waller put his face in the ring.

The referee eventually had to cancel the match as Truth could not continue.

Caesars was interviewed backstage and the newest member, Ava Raine, said that she had joined the group because Joe Gacy was the only person to regularly check on him after a serious injury during his training.

He then tweeted a tweet that Cameron Grimes did about Ava’s brainwashing Schism. He said that he would take revenge on Grimes and set an example for him.

Zoey Stark and Indy Hartwell got into an argument backstage and later set up a match on the show.

Chase Yu was preparing for a match with Thea Hale but was not there to take the Bodhi flag with him. Duke Hudson tore down the wall and said he would carry the Chase U flag before going to NXT.

Hale was initially in trouble and James got a takedown and went past Hale’s arm before falling near cover. James gets a few stomps but hits a clothesline and a corner splash before Hale comes back.

Hale hits a crossbody off the top rope but James grabs it and rolls it to almost fall. James hits a modified flatliner to nearly fall but Duke Hudson places Thea’s foot on the bottom rope to break it.

Chase was furious with the distraction and sent Duke backstage. James caught Thea with a chokehold on the bottom rope before hitting his flatliner finisher for the win.

Result: Kiana James def. thia hello

After the match, Charlie Dempsey attacked Andre Chase in the ring. Duke Hudson reaches back outside, takes Dempsey down, and rescues Chase before Jay gets to his feet.

Jones was quickly in control before Bernal took him off and brought a few elbow drops to the shoulder.

Jones counters it before getting a big slam and some devastating clothesline. Jones received a heavy punch in the corner before receiving the Boss Man slam for the win.

Toxic Charm was out to celebrate Mandy Rose’s record-breaking title reign. Gigi and Jesse talked about how great Mandy was and showed us a video package celebrating her NXT Women’s Title run.

Mandy said that she has always been overlooked for being attractive and has proved herself time and again thanks to Gigi and Jesse. Smoke appeared in the ring and Alba Fair attacked Toxic Attraction.

Alba took Mandy and co. Down before Rose and Jane run away from the ring. Doline is caught by Alba who sends her through a table in the ring. Then Fair asked Jane to kick out the next week, and in two weeks she said she would also take Mandy’s title.

Backstage, the Apollo crew said that Breaker was ducking him before Von Wagner arrived and that he would be the future NXT Champion.

Before we left for the next match, we heard another mysterious call at the WWE Performance Center.

Stark was in control and we got some bad light for the third time tonight, as pointed out by Vic Joseph. Was NXT teasing a new character or was it just a mess? Before we headed for the break, Indy knocked Starc out of the ring with a tackle.

Starc was on the ropes after breaking up and Indy hit a big kick to the head before falling. Zoey came back kneeling on her head before taking a large springboard for a near fall.

Starc nearly broke down and took him to the corner on Indy before being taken out and nearly placed him on the announcers’ table. Nikita Leone was at ringside and stopped Stark from getting the DQ before he could go back to the ring. Hartwell took a big boot to distract and won.

Cora Jade vs Valentina Firoz on NXT
Jade taunts Firoz at the start of the match and slaps Kora in the face, before Firoz returns with Meteor to exit the ring. Before Jade could hit a big kick, Jade was sent to the apron.


ra continued to trash-talk throughout the match and got a two-count from a massive strike. Firoz tries to roll Jade, but fails before undressing. Firoz misses a crossbody off the middle rope and allows Jade to hit a senton and a DDT for the win.

Result: Quora Jade def. valentina turquoise

After the match, Jade was about to take Feroz out but Wendy Chu made his comeback and took him down, rescuing Feroz and kicking Cora out of the ring.

Elektra Lopez returned to NXT with a New York accent and was still associated with Tony D’Angelo.

Wilson and Lee started the match and Prince was tagged at the start of the match. Braun was tagged in and hit a moonsault before receiving a back body drop on Prince. Lee was back and a brawl broke out before we left for our break.

After the match, Lee attacked Hayes and followed him backstage before von Wagner attacked Brawn in the ring and took him down. Apollo was watching from the crew locker and JD McDonagh came to tell him that his dream of ‘being the top man in NXT’ would not be fulfilled before the show went off the air.

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