WWE Monday Night Raw Results: October 31, 2022 – Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair begins the Halloween special episode of Raw and moves on to the first match of the night against Nikki Cross.

It’s the Halloween edition of #WWERaw and it’s already getting a little scary backstage…👀👀 @WWENikkiASH @ByronSaxton

Belair was initially in control and hit a big fallaway slam before Cross caught him on the apron and hit Champion’s leg to the edge of the ring. After the break on Raw, Bianca got a few slams and a vertical suplex before Nikki took a knee for Moonsault.

The match was underway when damage appeared on the CTRL ramp, while Bayley entered the ring and sent Belair to the ringpost. Instead of distracting her to get the pin, Nikki attacks Bailey. Belair recovers and hits KOD on the cross before receiving the pin.

Result: Bianca Belair def. Nikki Cross

After the match, Damage CTRL attacked Bianca in the ring. He was stopped by Asuka and Alexa Bliss, who made a comeback and removed the damaged CTRL with the help of Belair.

Alexa Bliss and Asuka were backstage with Belair after the match and demanded a tag title match against Damage CTRL.

Bobby Lashley was backstage for his interview with Brock Lesnar but Lesnar was not a show. Instead, Brock appeared in the ring and called Lashley to fight less than a week before Crown Jewel.

So there goes @BrockLesnar!

Lashley fled and almost the entire locker room followed him before the fight could begin. Triple H was also present there and threatened to cut his match from the show before the two parted ways.

Huge brawl between @Fightbobby & @BrockLesnar a few days before #WWECrownJewel @TripleH!

Rollins quickly ran out of the ring and taunted Theory before dropping it over the barricades and receiving a diving knee drop off the top of the announcer table. Theory knocks Rollins on the desk before leaving for a break.

Back on Raw, Rollins sent Austin back out and took a big dive before falling in the ring for the Falcon Arrows. Theory received a superkick to Rollins before countering the Pedigree.

The two traded rollups before Theory almost got a rolling blockbuster for the fall. Rollins made some big moves but got a superkick and another forearm before Theory missed A-town down.

Rollins reversed a pedigree and suddenly came back with a stomp before securing the win.

Result: Seth Rollins def. Austin Theory

Roman Reigns appeared on Raw with Paul Heyman. After the “UC” chants, he said that Jay would soon return as a new and more “UC” version. Tribal Chief then talked about being GOAT and there was no way he would lose to a guy who only had two matches in WWE.

Heyman was talking to him when The Miz entered. Miz said that he taught Logan Paul everything he knows except the right hook. Miz offers to help Roman in the match with Roman Roman Roman helps him with his Dexter Lumis issue.

Roman asks why everyone was talking about Logan Paul kicking The Miz out before Superman punches him. Reigns was still speaking and said that instead, they should all be concerned about Logan ousting Paul.

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion @WWERomanReigns sent a message to @LoganPaul ahead of their fight at #WWECrownJewel this Saturday!

The Miz was backstage and tried to cancel his match against Mustafa Ali. He promised that he would sue WWE if any defamatory footage of him aired tonight. Mustafa Ali came in and made fun of him, taunting him for accepting the match back.

Damien Priest vs Karl Anderson on Raw
Before we headed for the break, Damien sent Anderson out and onto the announcers’ table. Back on Raw, Priest got a big suplex before Anderson was caught with a big boot and a knee strike in the corner.

Anderson received a spinebuster before deflecting attention from The Judgment Day, allowing Priest to hit a flatliner. established for the priest

Reckoning but Anderson counters and catches him with a backslide before securing the win.

Result: Karl Anderson def. Damien Priest

A brawl broke out and Rhea Ripley took out Gallows with a low blow. Styles and Anderson were also eliminated, before Balor hit a coup de grace on Styles and Dominic hit Frogsplash.

MVP and Omos were backstage and Montavius ​​said they were going to take on Braun Strowman on SmackDown this week.

JBL and Baron Corbin were out next, and Layfield talked about how the new generation was ruining Texas. Corbin thanked the fans for showing up before R-Truth entered.

Satya dressed as a cowboy and made fun of JBL and Corbyn before attacking him later. Truth managed to stop him but due to JBL’s distraction, Corbin let him down with End of Days.

Looks like @BaronCorbinWWE and @JCLayfield have a message for @RonKillings and the horse he rode!

This man is one hell of a dancer. He has some of the sexiest moves we’ve ever seen!

Riddle sends Otis out early and hits a big dive on both Gable and Otis from the apron. Back after the break on Raw, Otis came back with a tackle and hit Caterpillar. Riddle was setting up for the RKO but Gable kicks him off the apron.

Elias was at ringside and took Gable off the apron with a knee strike. In the ring, Otis was getting ready for the finish when Elias held a jack-o’-lantern over his head. Riddle came on with an RKO on Otis and took the win.

Ali tries to rollup early before almost getting the neckbreaker to fall. Ali took a boot to the jaw before The Miz ripped off his shirt and we headed for a break. Back on Raw, Miz gets a big DDT and he almost falls.

Miz almost spins before Ali makes a big move but he rolls out. Ali takes a big dive from the top before Dexter Loomis attempts to attack Miz from the crowd. Ali scored a superkick on the distraction and followed with 450 splashes for the win.

Johnny Gargano was in an interview and recalled his initial conversation with Dexter Loomis. He then reveals an audio recording of The Miz that talks about paying Dexter Loomis to attack him.

Gargano theorized that The Miz might have paid Dexter to attack him to get him out of matches he couldn’t win, but eventually stopped paying him, causing Dexter to turn on him.

Damage CTRL (c) vs Asuka & Alexa Bliss – Women’s Tag Title Match on Raw

Alexa and Sky started the match and Dakota was tagged in early and Bliss was isolated in the ring. Alexa got a rana and tagged in Asuka who came on Kai with a German suplex.

Kai took down Asuka and made the tag with Io Skye before facing The Empress. After a break, Skye is sent out and Kai is tagged in and some big double team moves.

Skye comes back and hits a huge dropkick before Asuka tries it for the arm bar. Asuka gets the Asuka lock but Bayley distracts the referee, causing Kai to break it.

Bianca Belair came out and attacked Bayley before they fought their way to a stage and fell back down with a dive. Back in the ring, Skye misses a moonsault after Bliss sends Kai into the steel steps. Bliss comes to Down Sky with Twisted Bliss and wins!

Result: Asuka & Alexa Bliss def. Damage CTRL to become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion

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