Backstage note on canceled WWE SmackDown segment featuring Lacey Evans


Although WWE recently ran vignettes for the inevitable return of Lacey Evans, the star was not on the final episode of SmackDown for 2022. Recent reports about a fragmented section have now emerged.

SmackDown star Lacey Evans has been repackaged yet again and her return date has been pushed back. A vignette aired on the December 2, 2022, edition of the Blue Brand showed Evans undergoing a rigorous training session with his fellow United States Marine Corps members.

The vignette concludes with several Marines encouraging the sassy Southern belle to get back on her feet after she collapses on the floor during a training drill.

According to Fightful Select, she was initially scheduled to appear on the latest episode of SmackDown. WWE had planned to air a new vignette for Evans, but the vignette was pulled.

The reason for Evans’ absence from the show is unknown, but it was most likely due to time constraints.

Friday night was notable for the women’s division as Charlotte Flair returned to the ring, defeating Ronda Rousey to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.

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Lacey Evans was trending after her controversial take
The 32-year-old superstar was recently in hot water after he shared his views on autism and ADD on social media.

According to the video, conditions like ADD and autism were almost non-existent in previous decades. The increase in processed foods has also increased the prevalence of these conditions.

Evans later explained that he had seen a video about the effects of processed food on children and only shared it.

“I saw a video on the effects of processed food on our kids, and I shared the video. It’s all crazy.” he tweeted
You can see his deleted tweet below:

However, fans were less pleased with the sassy Southern belle’s take, and she later deleted the tweet and Instagram story. It remains to be seen if the SmackDown star will return to the company and how his new gimmick will shape up.

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