5 New Year’s resolutions WWE should make


We hope the lovely people of the WWE Universe had a wonderful New Year celebration. We wrestling fans were treated to a bonanza of a SmackDown episode on Friday night that summed up the year of the industry in general.

In regards to WWE, it was one of the most eventful 12 months in the company’s history. From shocking comebacks to outright regime change, it was news one after the other. To the company’s credit, they adapted very well, the results have shown in the form of improvements to the product over the past few months. However, there is always room for improvement.

The new year brings with it a new dawn and a chance to start afresh. As such (and while we’re still in the throes of the festivities), here are five New Year’s resolutions WWE can adopt to get better results.

#5 on our list of New Year’s resolutions WWE could implement in 2023: Give the women’s division a chance The women’s division could do with some more depth
Mahila Mandal could have done something more in depth
Ever since Triple H took over as creative head, the WWE women’s division has been booked solidly. However, given the talent in its ranks, it could and should be in fantastic territory, which it is not exactly at the moment. This appears to be true for the SmackDown side in particular, with 2022 being a weak year for the top champions out there.

Better booking for women will result in a more attractive product. Bayley, Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Raquel Rodriguez are all champion material. Strap the rocket to their back and let them do their thing, and ratings and numbers follow suit.

#4 Finish Booking 50-50

Like in the days of Vince McMahon’s barter system the two superstars were notorious for trading victories. To his credit, Triple H has bucked that trend considerably. However, 2022 has seen them fall prey to this on more than one occasion, which they should eliminate from their product in 2023.

Players such as Johnny Gargano, Dexter Lumis, and Matt Riddle have suffered many pointless losses to fuel their feuds. Decisive wins are key to establishing stars, and WWE and HHH should focus on that aspect of things from here on out.

#3 Don’t mess with Money in the Bank

Since 2017, only Big E’s overwhelming Money in the Bank ladder match victory and subsequent cash-in has been a happy moment for the acclaimed WWE gimmick.

Cashing in his briefcase at the United States Championship this year by Austin Theory was the last straw for many. It’s pretty surprising to see a shock and awe concept go down like this, and we think 2023 should return it to its glory.

The women’s side of things is no better, with most opting for same-day cash. This trend needs to end in 2023, and we hope Triple H and the team get a feel for it early in the year.

#2 Sami Zayn placed in main event picture, Zayn 2022 a revelation
Zain 2022 has a revelation
Kudos to Roman Reigns, but we think no one could have had a better 2022 than Sami Zayn. The man was the living embodiment of Midas minus the smug attitude and confusion. Well, maybe he is now, but there’s no denying that everything he touched in the past 12 months turned gold.

Whatever role WWE has given him, Zayn has been nothing short of brilliant. From wrestling a match riot against Johnny Knoxville to destroying it as an honorary US, he’s had the best year of his career. Everyone looks more like their two than their one, and it is about time the company recognized their efforts and kept them wrestling in the main event during 2023.

It doesn’t matter if the master strategist is wrestling his Tribal Chief or producing clinches with the likes of Gunther or The Usos. Give the man the push of his life and watch 2023 be as golden as his 2022. Usologist and Dawg approve.

#1 Book Roman Reigns and The Usos to lose their titles

Roman Reigns and The Usos have been ruling the WWE lately. He has had an amazing 2022 and has been the benchmark in the company. They also have four major titles on offer and it doesn’t look like they will be dropping them anytime soon.

However, 2023 should be the year Triple H and team give us two shocking moments and both Reigns and The Twins drop their championships. Till now, such an untouchable aura has been created that his defeat will seem like a big deal.

Thus, this year should see the end of the Roman Empire and The Bloodline’s reign of terror. It’s a matter of when and not if the status quo is restored, and the ball is in Triple H’s court to make a comeback in style. If Sami Zayn dethrones the Tribal Chief, WWE can take all our money and then some.

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