Newly Released Female Star Makes Over $1 Million A Month Since Triple H Fired Her From WWE


Triple H recently made a big decision to release a popular female star from WWE. However, Mandy Rose has been doing great since her exit.

Rose was recently released from her contract after WWE became aware of her Fantime content. The company reportedly deemed the material too racy for their liking and released the former NXT Women’s Champion.

However, this hasn’t affected Mandy Rose’s financial standing, as fandom took to Instagram to congratulate the former NXT star for earning over $1 million in the last month of 2022.

Mandy Rose was a tough competitor when she started out with the company. She made it to NXT and by 2017 had debuted on the main roster. The Golden Goddess teamed with Sonya Deville to form Absolution, and she was often tagged with Saraya (formerly known as Paige).

While Mandy Rose never became a main event star of the main roster, she was involved in some memorable storylines, most notably romantic angles with Otis and Dolph Ziggler. Once that storyline was dropped, she eventually moved back to NXT.

Mandy Rose reinvented herself on the former black-and-gold brand as she recruited Gigi Dolin and Jessie Jayne to form Toxic Attraction. The former faction leader won the NXT Women’s Championship and held the title for a record-breaking 413 days. Just a day before her release, she dropped the title to Roxanne Perez.

Mandy Rose Feels She Was Neglected By WWE

WWE released a video of the best NXT moments of 2022 on 27 December. Despite her year-long reign, Mandy Rose was surprisingly absent from the list, her only mention coming when Roxanne Perez’s title win was shown.

Current NXT Women’s Champion and Cora Jade were prominently featured, while Braun Breaker’s NXT Championship win earned the top spot. Mandy Rose defended her title ten times, second only to Asuka’s 11 title defenses. His best defense came in a Fatal-4-Way match win at Stand and Deliver.

Mandy Rose also became the first woman to unify the NXT UK Women’s Championship and NXT Women’s Championship when she defeated Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport at Worlds Collide.

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