“Roman Reigns and his reign have been epic” – 53-year-old legend explains how The Bloodline’s current WWE storyline is “best for business”


WWE Legend Road Dogg recently explained how the current storyline surrounding The Bloodline is “best for business”.

Roman Reigns has been on a rampage since winning the Universal Championship two years ago. He left behind a path of destruction that included future Hall of Famers and top stars alike.

For the past two years, the only question on fans’ minds was – “Who will remove The Tribal Chief?” During this time, The Bloodline became one of the most influential factions in WWE history. The faction has been compared to the nWo and DX.

Sami Zayn joining the fray has only added another layer and dimension to an already entertaining group. The recent storyline surrounding Zayn and The Bloodline has been one of the major focal points of WWE SmackDown.

Road Dogg talked about the story in a recent episode of the Oh You Didn’t Know podcast. During the episode, he called it one of the hottest things in sports entertainment.

“It’s far and away the greatest thing in history, that’s for sure. It’s the hottest thing in sports entertainment in professional wrestling. The Bloodline storyline, as a whole, and the intricacies in the relationships and characters, it’s the best thing in wrestling.” Now. Not even a second has passed. It’s just like that. I don’t say this because they hired me back.
He continued:

“I say this because it’s a fact. If you disagree with it, it’s because you’re a hater and you’re not seeing the big picture, you’re playing small ball. Roman Reigns and his epic reign And history has been. Making it for WWE as an entertainment conglomerate. It’s good for business. It’s best for business. We’re not even close to that.” [h/t Fightful]

Kevin Owens recently praised The Bloodline’s Sami Zayn
Despite feuding with each other, Kevin Owens praised Sami Zayn when he spoke to the New York Post. He said:

Owens said, “He [Sami Zayn] has been an incredible performer for the last 22 years I’ve known him and it’s great to see people finally take notice and appreciate it as much as they can.” “He’s getting the credit he’s long overdue. At this point in our careers, there’s no denying that they’ll always be and stay connected. We’ll always come back to each other , Whatever it is. Fighting or teaming up. It’s been a real thrill to watch things develop for him. [h/t – New York Post]

@WWERomanReigns and @SamiZayn vs @FightOwensFight and yours truly!!

Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn are set to team up against Kevin Owens and John Cena on this week’s SmackDown. This match is the perfect way to end the year.

Are you excited for this week’s tag team match? Let us know in the comments section.

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