Holy sh*t is totally happening” – WWE fans go berserk at the prospect of potential betrayal within The Bloodline

The WWE Universe shares its thoughts on Sami Zayn breaking free from The Bloodline and the prospect of taking on Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber 2023.

Zayn’s association with The Bloodline is currently one of the hottest acts in professional wrestling. While he is currently in Rains’ good books, many people, including Kevin Owens, believe that The Head of the Table is just using Sami to his advantage and will throw him away when the time comes.

WWE recently announced that next year’s Elimination Chamber Premium live event will take place on February 18 in Montreal, Canada.

Montreal is Sami Zayn’s hometown, leading many fans to speculate that he may be attending a major match at the event.


Taking to social media, Twitter user @WrestleOps started an interesting conversation and asked others for their thoughts on a possible match between Honoree Youss and the head of the table at Elimination Chamber.


WWE star Sami Zayn comments on differences within The Bloodline

Led by Roman Reigns, the Bloodlines are one of the most prominent factions in professional wrestling today. The group currently holds almost all major titles in the men’s division, and has been further strengthened by the addition of Sami Zayn and Solo Sequoia to their ranks.

However, Sami’s involvement has not been well received by Jay Uso, who claims that he can see through the acts of the former NXT Champion. Zayn recently spoke with WWE Germany about the issues between him and Jay, encouraging the latter to give him a chance with the faction.

“The strangest thing is that we’ve always been so good,” Zayn said. You can also see the video we did in “NXT” when they came down there, we’re dancing together, we’re hanging out, we’ve always been great. I think his rivalry with Roman Reigns a few years back did something for him I think. Being the right-hand man in all of this is clearly a position he takes very seriously. I understand the welcome mat for ‘outside’ first. Don’t want to roll out, but at the moment, you know. Come on you!” [h/t- WrestlingINC]

While Jay did not like the idea of ​​Sami Zayn joining The Bloodline, the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champion is instructed by Roman Reigns to resolve the issues.

Whether Reigns generally cares about Zayn being in the group or is it all part of a grand ploy by The Tribal Chief, only time will tell.

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