“Heyman Turns On Reigns” – Wrestling Legend Urges WWE To Majorly Change Roman Reigns’ Character (EXCLUSIVE)

Former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo said that he would like to see Paul Heyman betray Roman Reigns in the near future.

Despite being Brock Lesnar’s manager earlier, Heyman betrayed the latter three weeks after the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event by helping Reigns attack The Beast Incarnate. Since then, Paul has aligned himself with The Tribal Chief, thus becoming his special counsel in the process.

While speaking on the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW, Russo suggested that WWE should make Heyman turn his back on The Head of the Table.

The veteran further added that Paul Heyman should align himself with some other superstar and help him attack Reigns.

“Do that with Heyman. Have Heyman turn on Reigns, make Reigns a babyface then you take Heyman with all his knowledge… He is gonna go throughout the entire globe and he is not gonna sleep at night until he finds the guy and then put him in that Heenan role, bring in monster after monster after monster. That’s what I would do, bro. They’ve got to start doing something, bro.” (30:15- 30:59)

Check out the latest edition of Legion of RAW below:

Vince Russo suggested that Roman Reigns should take some time off

WWE legend Vince Russo suggested that Roman Reigns should take some time off from the ring.

In the same interview, Russo further added that he would like to see The Tribal Chief take a break after the WrestleMania 39 Premium Live Event.

He detailed:

“Bro, is there any talk about Reigns taking a break? Bro, the dude needs a break. I can’t see him after WrestleMania not disappearing for a few months. Is there any talk about that?”

It will be exciting to see if Paul Heyman betrays Roman Reigns anytime in the near future.

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