5 Ways Roman Reigns Can Lose His World Title Before WrestleMania 39

Roman Reigns is the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. He won the Universal Title at Payback 2020 and unified it with the WWE Title at WrestleMania 38 earlier this year.

Reigns has been the most dominant champion the company has seen in the past couple of years, and several top stars have failed to defeat him. The Bloodline has played a major role in his victories and has allowed him to come across as one of the best heels the industry has ever seen.

According to recent reports, Roman Reigns is scheduled to lose one of his world titles before the upcoming WrestleMania 39. The show is set to take place on April 1st and 2nd, and WWE is planning two massive main events.

The same report suggests that Seth Rollins will face Drew McIntyre or Cody Rhodes for the WWE Championship on the first night of WrestleMania. The second night will see Reigns defend his Universal Championship against The Rock or Cody Rhodes.

With Royal Rumble on the horizon, the creative team will need to step up its game to build some compelling storylines for The Show of Shows. Therefore, it’s likely that The Head of the Table will lose the WWE Title sooner rather than later so that the creative team has enough time to build on some interesting storylines.

With that said, check out the five ways Roman Reigns could lose one of his world titles before WrestleMania 39.

#5. Roman Reigns is forced to relinquish one of his titles

The Tribal Chief could be forced to give up one of his titles.
The Tribal Chief could be forced to give up one of his titles.

As noted earlier, Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship at Payback 2020. He has held the title for a record reign, and it looks like he will be breaking more records with it in the coming months. Meanwhile, he won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 38 and has been defending both titles together.

Triple H could step in, as no one has been able to defeat Reigns for his titles in recent months. He could force The Tribal Chief to drop one of the belts if he wants to have a big match at WrestleMania.

Reigns could accept the offer as he could drop the title without losing a match. It would protect his image and allow WWE to crown a new top champion to build two big matches for WrestleMania 39.

#4. The Tribal Chief could drop one of the titles himself

Roman Reigns could offer to give up one of the titles himself.
Roman Reigns could offer to give up one of the titles himself.

Roman Reigns and The Bloodline have talked about how he is the most dominant superstar in the industry time and again. Paul Heyman, The Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn have clarified that no one in the business can match up to Reigns.

To back up their claims, Reigns could offer to give up his WWE Championship at Royal Rumble so that the winner of the Rumble match could challenge someone other than The Tribal Chief. He could cite his dominance and everyone’s inability to beat him as the reason behind his decision.

The winner of the Royal Rumble will get a chance to challenge a world champion for his title at WrestleMania 39. Hence, Roman Reigns could give up his title and allow the promotion to hold a tournament to crown a new WWE Champion who would face the winner of the Royal Rumble.

#3. Roman Reigns could enter the Royal Rumble match to defend one of his titles

While the previous two ways The Tribal Chief could lose his title involve him not competing in a match, this could be an excellent way to get a title off him without having him pinned.

The Royal Rumble is scheduled to take place on January 28, 2023. Roman Reigns could offer to enter the Rumble match without a competent challenger for his gold. He could up the game by offering to give up one of his titles to the winner of the Rumble match if he is eliminated.

The match could see Reigns make it to the final four before being eliminated by Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, or Drew McIntyre. Another superstar could eliminate the person who takes out The Tribal Chief to win the match.

The storyline would allow the company to build two big matches for WrestleMania 39. The Rock could return to take on his cousin for the Universal Championship at The Show of Shows, or Cody Rhodes could challenge him.

Meanwhile, Rollins, McIntyre, or Rhodes could face each other for the WWE Championship in the other main event of WrestleMania.

#2. Seth Rollins demands the rematch he never got after Royal Rumble 2022

Roman Reigns could not get the better of Seth Rollins at WWE Royal Rumble 2022.
Roman Reigns could not get the better of Seth Rollins at WWE Royal Rumble 2022.

At Royal Rumble 2022, Seth Rollins challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. The two men had a phenomenal match, with Rollins playing multiple mind games on The Tribal Chief.

Rollins came close to a victory several times but could not put Reigns away. The Head of the Table applied a guillotine choke on Rollins, who grabbed the rope to avoid submission. However, Reigns refused to release Rollins and was disqualified.

Even though Rollins won the match by disqualification, Roman Reigns retained his Universal Championship. The Visionary never got a rematch for the title despite coming close to breaking The Tribal Chief.

Rollins could make his case for a rematch against Reigns at an upcoming premium live event, this time for the WWE Championship. The Visionary has had several good reigns with the title before, and he could take the championship off Reigns at the event.

The win would allow The Visionary to become the face of WWE again and bring the title back to the RAW brand. It would also enable the company to give Rollins a big title defense on the first night of WrestleMania 39.

Meanwhile, The Rock could return to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship after his loss against Rollins. It would be the perfect way to script the downfall of The Tribal Chief.

#1. Sami Zayn could challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship

Sami Zayn has been one of the most entertaining WWE Superstars for over a year now. He has earned the trust of The Bloodline, and he deserves to win a world title sometime for the hard work he has put in.

Zayn is currently part of The Bloodline, but his run with the faction could end soon. As WrestleMania 39 approaches, the creative team could look to get The Honorary Uce kicked out of the faction and turn him into a babyface.

That could lead Zayn to compete in a massive match against Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship. The Tribal Chief could offer him the match on one condition – he will leave the company if he loses to The Head of the Table.

Zayn could then benefit from some outside interference to win his first world title reign in the company. It could be one of the best feel-good storylines of the year. The result would also allow the company to split the two titles and pave the way for two major main events at WrestleMania 39.

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