Becky Lynch’s ex-boyfriend explains why the WWE Superstar is no longer friends with Charlotte Flair

Jeff Dye recently recalled how Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair’s friendship turned sour during their WWE rivalry in 2018.

Dye dated Lynch before beginning a relationship with Seth Rollins in 2019. The American comedian grew up as a wrestling fan and now co-hosts the Wrestling with Freddy podcast with former WWE writer Freddy Prinze Jr.

On this week’s episode, Dye revealed that Lynch’s character digs at Flair often lead to arguments:

“I hope I’m not sharing too much here, but they’ll take it really personal. Like when she and Charlotte were fighting, I’d hear her like, ‘I can’t believe Charlotte really Getting mad at me.’ I was like, ‘You guys know this is a story, right? You guys don’t really need to be annoying each other for this to work.’

Flair was heralded as one of WWE’s top female stars almost immediately after joining the main roster in 2015.

Lynch found success even after joining the main roster. However, he was often forced to play sidekick to The Queen before emerging as a major star in his own right in 2018.

The biggest reason why Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair’s friendship ended
Dye clarified that Becky Lynch, real name Rebecca Quinn, is a “horrible” person in real life. He stated that The Man’s legitimate competition with Flair played a large part in the breakdown of their friendship.

The comedian further explained how the main-contestants at WrestleMania 35 both wanted the top spot in WWE’s women’s division:

“I think it’s like comedy or showbusiness or maybe if you work in a warehouse or you work at Target or you work at Best Buy, you become competitive,” Dye continued . “You want a promotion or you want a raise or you want some position, and so that’s part of it for them.”
Dye also answered whether his perspective on wrestling changed when he dated Becky Lynch:

“Charlotte had a hard time with Becky starting to be the face of the women’s wrestling thing. I guess it wasn’t surprising. It didn’t change my perspective, but it was interesting to see when you’re on the roster.” But they are struggling, it affects their personal lives.”
Both Flair and Lynch have spoken about issues in their friendship in media interviews. You can read full explanation of real life fights here.

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