The planned WWE return for the Royal Rumble is in jeopardy as the biggest star is banned from entering the country – report


The Royal Rumble is known for its comebacks and reports suggest that WWE has some surprises in store for this year’s show. While some stars are expected to make it back on TV, Tyson Fury will not be able to make it to the Rumble due to complicated visa issues.

US Sun released an extensive report regarding WWE’s interest in bringing back Tyson Fury at the Royal Rumble. However, the heavyweight boxer has been barred from entering the United States because of his links to suspected Irish crime boss Daniel Kinahan.

MTK Global, the company co-founded by Kinahan, represents Tyson Fury until it ceases its operations in April 2022. Fury is one of 600 people who have reportedly been banned from setting foot in the country, and it appears that plans to book him have been derailed. At the big show in 2023.

A source revealed that Tyson Fury is well-liked in WWE and has really wanted to return to the Rumble. The idea was for him to lead to a match at WrestleMania 39 because Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were eager to get The Gypsy King on board for a one-off celebrity event.

Here’s what the source had to say about the problems coming in the way of Fury’s Royal Rumble appearance:

“Tyson is well-liked in WWE, and he pops up at any match, and a run to WrestleMania would generate huge headlines and fan interest.” However his immigration status is proving difficult to deal with. ”

Tyson Fury has reportedly been denied entry to the US because of his relationship with Daniel Kinahan. Kinahan was cleared by the US Treasury in April after authorities named him as a key figure in the KOCG (Kinahan Organized Crime Group). [According to
WWE’s legal team is working with Tyson Fury’s representatives to figure out a way to resolve the immigration puzzle.

Despite being arguably the best heavyweight boxer in the world, Fury is facing massive financial losses due to all the recent legal hurdles that also caused Tyson to miss his fight with Jake Paul in New York City.

“Tyson and the legal team or sort out this whole gray and difficult area. But non-entry, quite simply, means non-payment,” said the source. WWE can still find a way to make Tyson Fury work.

Fury has not wrestled since his only in-ring contest against Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel 2019. The 34-year-old last appeared on Clash at the Castle, where he headlined the main event and was involved in a memorable post-match segment with Drew McIntyre.

It was noted that Fury’s inability to get bookings in the United States proved to be a hindrance, yet he could appear at any shows outside the country.

“It’s not entirely bad news for Tyson as there are other options for WWE via premium live events outside the US,” the source added.
Triple H may continue with his efforts to get Tyson Fury in the Royal Rumble, as the promotion would love to capitalize on his mainstream appeal. If Fury is unsuccessful at the Royal Rumble moment, fans should ideally expect him to feature at the next Saudi Arabian event in May.

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